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And that cosplayer is me!

Now I wish all my watchers who has facebook account, go to… and click like under my picture. It would help me a lot! ^-^

Btw, that sugar skull make up is from Monster High dolls, girl name Skelita. It was really fun to make that make up (:
  • Watching: Watchers - list
OMG, ofdgdjgdf what happend? Why I have over 100 watchers?! :eagerpee:  Oh my good thank you <3 I know it is not THAT much, but it is so much for me! Thank you <3 Wheeeeee emote :excited: 
Good morning my fellow narutards!

I just wondering here about Itachi's fire jutsus. And I thinking about Gokakyu no Jutsu - Giant fireball jutsu.
Which are those handmarks what Itachi use to do that jutsu? Does someone know for sure?

I would love to make Itachi fireflow cosplay video and I need those handmarks for it (: Thank you for replies already!