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Christmas- Pikachu Elf  JOULUINEN GIVE AWAY! Christmas- Pikachu Santa 

Viimeinen osallistumispäivä on 24.12.2014. Voittaja julkistetaan jouluaattoiltana, 24.12.2014.

Palkinnot ovat:

1. 50€ lahjakortti Gaikotsu Fursuitsiin. (…)
2. 20€ lahjakortti Head Hunter Storeen. (
3. 1v. piilolinssit, violetit. (…)

Kuinka osallistun?

Jokaisesta toiminnasta saat yhden arpalipukkeen, jolla voit osallistua kisaan. Jos esim. tykkäät ja jaat, saat tällä kaksi lipuketta itsellesi. Jos vain tykkäät, saat yhden. Helppoa, eikös?

☆ tykkää Facebook sivusta KasakuxKosupure (…)
☆ jaa tämä kuva julkisesti seinälläsi
☆ liity blogin julkiseksi lukijaksi (
☆ kommentoi blogin Give Away-kirjoitukseen (anonyymeillekin mahdollista, muista tällöin laittaa mukaan s.posti osoitteesi, johon voiton sattuessa voi ottaa yhteyttä)

Siinäpä ne. Sinulla on siis mahdollisuus saada 4 arpalippua arvontaan.

Onnea arvontaan! ^-^

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Christmas- Pikachu ElfChristmas- Pikachu Santa 

Last participate day is 24.12.2014. Winner is announcing at Christmas evening, 24.12.2014. People who live outside of Finland can participate too!

Prizes are:

1. 50€ gift card to Gaikotsu Fursuits. (…)
2. 20€ gift card to Head Hunter Store. (
3. 1 year contact lenses, purple. (…)

How do I participate?

Every action what you do, is one give away-ticket. Example: if you like the Facebook page and share this image, you will get 2 tickets. If you only lake the page, you get one. Simple, isn’t it?

☆ like KasakuxKosupure Facebook page (…)
☆ share this image on public on your Facebook wall
☆ join the blog’s public reader (
☆ comment Give Away - blog writing (also anonyms can participate on this, then you just have to write your e-mail address as well, that I can contact you if you win)

That’s it. You have 4 changes to get tickets.

Good luck! ^-^
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And that cosplayer is me!

Now I wish all my watchers who has facebook account, go to… and click like under my picture. It would help me a lot! ^-^

Btw, that sugar skull make up is from Monster High dolls, girl name Skelita. It was really fun to make that make up (:
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OMG, ofdgdjgdf what happend? Why I have over 100 watchers?! :eagerpee:  Oh my good thank you <3 I know it is not THAT much, but it is so much for me! Thank you <3 Wheeeeee emote :excited: 
Good morning my fellow narutards!

I just wondering here about Itachi's fire jutsus. And I thinking about Gokakyu no Jutsu - Giant fireball jutsu.
Which are those handmarks what Itachi use to do that jutsu? Does someone know for sure?

I would love to make Itachi fireflow cosplay video and I need those handmarks for it (: Thank you for replies already!